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Sillybandz are colorful, stretchy silicone bands molded into a variety of playful shapes and designs, ranging from animals and objects to letters and numbers. Popular among children and teenagers, these bands are not only a fun accessory but also serve practical purposes like hair ties or bookmarks.

University of the People

Embark on a transformative educational journey with University of the People, a pioneering institution committed to breaking down barriers to higher learning. As the world’s first tuition-free online university, UoPeople empowers students from all corners of the globe to pursue their academic aspirations without financial constraints.


Explore our premier brandable name marketplace featuring a diverse selection of over 100,000 expert-curated business names. Acquire the corresponding .com domain, a professionally designed logo, and benefit from complimentary branding guidance provided by our experienced team.


iClicker, the foremost player in student and audience response systems for Higher Education, stands out for its user-friendly interface, unwavering reliability, and a commitment to pedagogical excellence.

Netflix TechBlog

Explore Netflix’s exceptional engineering initiatives, organizational culture, advancements in product development, and beyond on the Netflix TechBlog.


ArtStation stands as the premier showcase platform for artists in the fields of games, film, media, and entertainment.


Acquire the essential technical expertise needed to secure your desired job. Become part of a community of over 50 million individuals who have opted for Codecademy to embark on a new professional journey or elevate their existing careers.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health motivates and enables individuals to embrace their optimal well-being each day. We achieve this by delivering reliable, medically scrutinized information and expert health guidance from the foremost healthcare professionals and patient advocates in the nation. Explore further to enhance your understanding of health.

Pearl Health Clinic

At Pearl Health Clinic, our dedication lies in delivering exceptional care that reveals the inherent value within each individual. Our primary objective is to unleash your authentic potential and enhance your quality of life.